Choosing a party theme – Top Tips!

The number one struggle Mom’s tell us in store and online is that they can’t find items to match the theme that their child has chosen. Mom’s we hear you! Make party planning simple and easy, here are the top tips straight from our in-house professional party planner on how to choose a theme that works for you.

  1. Visit your friendly party store: See what they have in stock right there and then. Wittle down the choices to 2 or 3 that you think your child will love.
  2. The big choice: Chat with your child and let them choose between your 2 or 3 choices.
  3. Buy your party items online: Taking your child to the party shop can lead to confusion, soooooooo many choices. Little kids can become indecisive when faced with all those choices.
  4. Let them unwrap the party store parcel: When your order arrives via courier, let your child open it and see the items. They will feel part of the process and the excitement will start to build!

What advice do you have for other parents when it comes to choosing a party theme?

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Take the confusion out of paying for online purchases.

How do you get the items in your cart from the online world to your door?

Watch our easy to follow video guide on checking out and paying for your online shopping order. Paying for your party supplies through is a safe and simple process, we value your privacy and want to ensure that your payments are safe and secure.

We also touch on delivery options, what is free and what is not, most importantly how do you know what your courier fee will be?

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Shopping online, a step by step video guide

Learning a new skill is daunting, but the rewards are great. Online shopping is a learned skill. You already know how to search for and choose the best suppliers out of thousands available online. Now how do you actually buy your party supplies from ? The process, visually shown to you in this video, is very similar for most online stores.


What is a shopping cart? 

Your shopping trolley is referred to as a “cart” online and instead of physically picking up items and placing them in your trolley (as you would in real life), you instead use your mouse and click to”add items to your cart”.

Follow our simple step by step video guide to show you the process on .

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Cost savings from buying online in South Africa, the reality.


Just today I had to go and collect some goodies from a supplier that didn’t offer a delivery option – which got me thinking about the real cost of buying online vs from a real brick and mortar store.

In this particular example my supplier does not offer the ability to purchase online, nor to have the goods delivered – although I was able to place my order on the telephone, did an Electronic Funds Transfer and then called them to make sure that they had received my payment and that my order was ready for collection – which it was. Nevertheless I still had to wait 20 minutes after I arrived to get my invoice – surely they could have emailed it to me, right? – and then for them to pick the stock and bring it to me.

Now my supplier is exactly 21.3 Km from our offices – so the roundtrip was a total of 42.6 Km – and that’s when it struck me that there are some real benefits (not least of which saving time and money) when shopping online.

Let me highlight some of those differences.

Firstly the actual cost of driving my car a shade over 42 Km – which if I take a really conservative rate of R 2.00 / Km that trip cost me at least R 84.00

Then there was the time taken to drive there and back – in off-peak hours mind – it still took me about half an hour there and half an hour back, plus the 20 minutes waiting for the paperwork and the goods to be brought to me, totalling 1 hour and 20 minutes. Now even if I don’t value my time all that much (and I do!) and work on a conservative R 100 / hour for my time then that trip cost me R 133.

Couple that with the actual travel cost (and I’m not even going to factor any lost productivity while I was travelling / stuck in traffic) I incurred a real cost to me of R 84.00 + R 133.00 = R 217.00!

Now if I contrast that to the cost of buying (for example) my party supplies from my favourite online party store (hint – MyPartySupplies) where the average cost of delivery inside of Gauteng is a mere R 49.00 and to major center’s like Cape Town and Durban delivery starts from R 130.00 then there are some real savings to be had from buying online. I’m talking saving money. Cash. Moola. Bucks!

Now that alone is a compelling reason for buying your party supplies online – remember we deliver anywhere in South Africa (if you are in Johanesburg there is a collection option if you prefer) and with the exception of destinations like Twee Buffels met Twee-Skote Gemis Fontein your goodies are generally at your door in 2 – 3 working days!

Now that’s smart!

Grab your kids party supplies from your favourite online store now – we are open for orders 24 hours a day 365 days of the year!\

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Shop Online for Party Supplies

Tips for safer online shopping…

Shopping online has a ton of perks, from saving time, petrol and aggravation to having access to a wider variety and choice of products and cost effective pricing. Busy moms and dads find it difficult to carve out some time to dedicate to party supplies shopping on the weekend. In all honesty time is precious and spending what little spare time you have stuck in traffic or driving from shop to shop seems can be stressful.

Shop the smart way, from the comfort of your home or office, and have your goods delivered to your door.

With all the good, there is also a pinch of bad, it is smart to keep the following in mind when shopping online.

1. Shop online on your own smart devices, shopping online using a shared computer (like an internet cafe) makes it easier for hackers to steal your personal information.

2. Most online stores / marketplaces rate their sellers. Use this information to ascertain whether the store is trustworthy.

3. Scams and con-artists exist: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Be “street smart” on the electronic highways.

4. Check which payment options are available to you through that website. Use the one you feel most comfortable with.

5. If you choose to pay online using your card, make sure that the payment provider is secure, the URL will begin with a locked symbol followed by https://

Keep these tips in mind and join us online for a really convenient and fast shopping experience.

MPS Team

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