Frozen – Celebrating a birthday the icy way!

The Disney full length animation released in 2013 has quickly become a favourite film of families the world over. Who can resist Olaf’s infection chuckle or watch as Queen Elsa magically forms the world around her from ice and snow. As a result of it’s increasing popularity, Frozen has become our number 1 most requested party supplies theme hands down. So are you planning a Frozen party? Here are the basics you will need.



There are 2 main colour palettes to use as your base when it comes to Frozen Party Decor.

1. Queen Elsa colours: Turquoise, white and silver.

turquoise whitesilver


2. Princess Anna colours: Turquoise, white and cerise.




The themed tableware party supply range for the Frozen range consists of: Plates, cups, serviettes, plastic tablecloths and party bags. Buy now

Frozen platescupsserviettesdisney-frozen-party-tablecoverFrozen Party Bags



This is a theme that gives you permission to release your creative spirit and create a magical winter wonderland.

Balloon decor:

Plain white, silver, cerise and turquoise (sometimes called carribean blue) latex balloons perfectly compliment the stunning Frozen themed supershapes and round foil balloons.

R12-005 jpgR05-040jpgR12-481 jpgSnowflake print latexsupershapeSnowflake print latexR12-481 jpgR05-040jpgR12-005 jpg


R05-012 jpgR05-040jpgR12-481 jpgSnowflake print latexolafSnowflake print latexR12-481 jpgR05-040jpgR05-012 jpg


other foil options are the 45cm round Frozen themed foil balloons: Holographic, Happy Birthday and heart shaped.


R05-012 jpgR05-040jpgR12-481 jpground foilor frohb1or Frozen Heart foilR12-481 jpgR12-005 jpg

Entertainment options:

A Queen Elsa character.

Craft ideas: Build your own snowman, or Make your own crown or Reindeer Antlers.

If your budget allows, you can rent a snowpit and snow machine. Looks like this and keeps the children entertained for hours.

2014-06-20 13.09.272014-06-20 13.16.282014-06-20 13.17.10

Disney’s Frozen has an incredible sound track that every little fan seems to memorise quite easily 🙂 Rent a karaoke machine and let the little songstars sing to their hearts content.

Or at least have the soundtrack playing in the background. Get your quote today. (Joburg only)

Fun Foods:

Take your cue from the movie:

Carrots: to symbolise Olaf’s nose and Sven’s favourite treat. So perhaps some carrot sticks with a variety of dips.

An Elsa cake, using an Elsa doll with a flowing blue dress and don’t forget her cape.

As with christmas time, popcorn can be used to mimic snow.

A chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallows:

frozen chocolatemmmm…. chocolate!

***Visit our Pinterest Frozen theme party ideas board for more inspiration***

Leave us a comment if you found this post useful, or if you have a brilliant idea for a Frozen party.

We wish you a magical Frozen Birthday party.

MPS Team

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