Alternatives to traditional party packs

After the recent media attention about party packs, specifically mentioned on 702 radio this week, we thought it best to look further into the whole idea of party packs.

A party pack or lootbag is traditionally a parting gift give to each attending child to thank them for their company at the birthday child’s party. It is now commonplace to fill a party pack with trinkets, treasures and treats(oh the treats). Let’s think about this, a birthday party can and often has some or all of the following edible items: Birthday Cake, cupcakes, cake pops, biscuits, sweets, chips, cooldrinks and ice-cream. That is already ALOT of sweet treats, do the little guests really NEED more treats for the ride home?

Let’s look at party packs differently, we do believe that it is a nice idea to give a parting gift to each attending child to say thank you… but we also know that a pack filled with sweet things is not the only option.

Here are some “party pack” ideas:

– A small toy for each child, dependant on the childrens ages and the theme of the party, a few cost effective options are hand made ribbon wands for a princess party or a bag filled with craft material like crayons and perhaps some stickers. Let your imagination and party theme guide you or get some inspiration from pinterest.

– If there is a craft activity at the party, the finished product will work as a unique parting gift.

– A simple thank you card, hand written by the birthday child – back to traditional values.

Do you think that party packs are a necessity at a child’s party? Would you be upset if your child didn’t get a party pack? Leave a comment

Happy planning

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