Baby Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday kids party theme and ideas…

We discussed Baby Mickey in our last post and of course where you find Mickey Mouse you will always find Minnie Mouse too. Is your little girl’s 1st or 2nd birthday coming up, or are you planning a baby shower for a baby girl and you are wondering what theme would best suit the occasion? The Baby Minnie theme is lovely, soft pinks and a cute little Minnie Mouse on the tableware make it a nice choice for a pretty, pastel party.


Pink, white and green (pastels)

pastel pinkwhite lime green

Don’t be afraid to add accents of black into the mix, it works very well.


Themed paper plates, paper cups, serviettes and table covers are available. Buy now.

Baby Minnie PlatesBaby Minnie Mouse Cups Baby Minnie Mouse serviettes Baby Minnie Tablecloth Gift or cake table

• The Minnie Mouse plastic tablecloth looks lovely on the cake/gift table and negates the mess because it can be wiped down quite easily.

We suggest you choose your main colour for tablecloths and alternate tie back colours. The chair covers at Hassle Free Kids Party Hire are white, it breaks the colour and is simple and elegant.

Balloons: Pink, lime, white and black balloons are available.

Pink Balloonwhite balloon lime2

Foil balloons are a lovely addition.



Birthday Banners:

Birthday banners matching the theme accentuate the cake/gift table well. For a special touch order your child’s name in Glitter Letters matching your theme colours. We hand paint and glitter them for you.


First birthday’s are relaxed affairs with so many smaller children present.

  • A ball pool is a winner with the little ones.
  • Babies love bubbles and a bubble machine fascinates them.
  • A face painter would also work well with toddlers.


Party food is a fun affair but when hosting a 1st birthday with the view of having a number of younger children in attendance, the type of food you serve needs some thought. Soft and easy to eat is best, like jellies, ice cream, pudding, soft fruits. Hard boiled sweets pose a choking risk and are best avoided.

Cupcakes and smash cake work well with smaller children, (the smash cake for the birthday child). The following images and ideas have been sourced from Pinterest. Great ideas.

pudding cupscupcakesminnie mouse cupcakes

Dress Up:

If you would like to add an element of dress up to your party without the hassle of a full outfit, then Minnie Mouse ears are a lovely choice. Soft and comfortable to wear.

We hope we have helped by giving you some ideas for your Baby Minnie Mouse kids birthday party.

Happy Planning from the



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