Balloon bouquets for beginners. How to guide.

Balloons in all their shapes and forms are the epitome of party decor, it just doesn’t seem the same without the colourful inflated orbs floating about. A good idea, that can be used as a centre piece on your table, a welcome sign to your party or as a colourful addition to your gift table is a balloon bouquet There is an art to inflating and tying balloons, especially when you are designing a balloon bouquet, a few pointers to remember.

  • Stagger your inflated balloons, if they are all at exactly the same height you will lose the visual impact.
  • Choose colours beforehand, ensure that they compliment your theme.
  • Foil balloons can act as the central focal point of your balloon bouquet,

This is a lovely how to video found on Youtube that will show what a staggered balloon bouquet looks like, how to achieve it and how to tie your balloon ribbon to your balloon weight correctly.


For more balloon ideas visit our balloon board on pinterest.

Happy Planning


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