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There are events that happen in our lives, only once a year mind, which capture the imagination of our children for weeks if not months beforehand. If you think about it it makes sense that children, who describe their age in halves and quarters, are so excited about this one day. No pressure Moms and Dads, just make sure that this one is the “best one ever”. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we are referring to the birthday party.


Just the mere mention of the word party, can leave the weary parent’s heart racing, all the questions and the planning, which colours and themes, how about entertainment, food (oh my word the food), the guestlist, venue etc. We have gathered all the answers for these questions in one place to help you plan your perfect party. Our team at My Party Supplies in conjunction with our children’s party planner at Hassle Free Kids Party have sat and put some ideas on paper (screen) for you. Let us guide you through the party planning process, from choosing a theme to sourcing your entertainment.


We hope it helps make the process simpler and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us and we will prioritise a response.

Happy party planning from the:




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