Partying with the lights out. Uniquely South African party planning set-backs.

If you close your eyes and think of a typical South African summer party, you would think of heat, sunshine, yummy food, the humming of the jumping castle inflator in the background, ice cold drinks and general fun. Well that’s what you would perhaps expect, but we currently face a whole new challenge when planning our parties.


With Eskom implementing Load Shedding on a fairly regular basis of late, party planners need to understand that electricity may not be available for the duration of, or at least a part of your party. A lack of electricity could influence your party in the following ways:

Outdoor party:

  • Keeping drinks and food cool
  • Inflating jumping castles and slippery slides
  • Using popcorn or slushy machines.
  • Music and or karaoke machines will not work.

Indoor party:

  • All of the above as well as
  • diminished lighting.

Our A-B-C plan for combating load shedding at your party.

  • A – Always know when load shedding is expected, visit the Eskom website for information.
  • B – Be prepared, have a Back-up plan. Eg: Store your drinks in a big drinks tub filled with ice instead of a fridge. Try to order platters of pre-prepared food instead of “cooking/preparing” on site. Have a few back up games handy if the electricity dependent entertainment options are not working.
  • C – Be cool, calm and collected. Try to remember that the purpose of the entire event is to celebrate with the special person in your life. Keep a smile on your face and let your preparedness save the day

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas to combat load shedding at your party?

Happy party planning.

MPS Team

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