Exclusive Baby Minnie Mouse foil balloons now available…

Baby Minnie Foil

How adorable is this foil balloon? Now available in South Africa, only on www.mypartysupplies.co.za

These exclusive Baby Minnie Mouse foil balloons are available in the Baby Minnie party kit. Each kit contains:

10 x Baby Minnie paper plates

10 x Baby Minnie plastic cups

10 x Baby Minnie serviettes

1   x Baby Minnie plastic tablecloth &

10 x plain bubblegum pink latex balloons

and this super cute square foil balloon. Buy now

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Exclusive How to Train your Dragon foil balloons available.

How to train your dragon foil

Nifty isn’t it? Now available in South Africa, only on www.mypartysupplies.co.za

These exclusive How to Train your Dragon foil balloons are available in a party kit. Each kit contains:

10 x How to Train your Dragon paper plates

10 x How to Train your Dragon plastic cups

10 x How to Train your Dragon serviettes

1   x How to Train your Dragon plastic tablecloth &

10 x black latex balloons

and the exclusive HTTYD square foil balloon. Everything you need to host a How to Train your Dragon birthday party for 10 kids for only R340 Buy now

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New theme available: Barney Polka Dots

Barney, the purple dinosaur, has proved to be a firm favourite for first birthday parties over the last year at My Party Supplies. There is a newly designed Barney kids party range out now, its fun and colourful. This new range, which is in stock and ready to ship, is called the Barney Dots range and looks like this:

Barney Dots plate Barney Dots cups Barney Dots party bags

The Barney Dots range consists of the following items:

  • 23cm paper plates R29.95 / 5
  • hot / cold paper cups R19.95 / 5
  • colourful serviettes R14.95 / 5
  • matching plastic party bags a.k.a lootbags R15.95 / 5
  • plastic tablecloths R64.95 each

Read through our previous Barney post to get some ideas and inspiration for your Barney themed kids birthday bash.

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New theme available: How to train your dragon…

Buy high quality and vibrant how to train your dragon themed kids party supplies in South Africa and have them delivered to your door.

Hiccup and his night fury dragon called “toothless” have taken the world by storm. The original was released in 2010, centering around a Norse village on the island of Berk. Most places have some sort of issue but Berk has a problem with Dragons. So the story begins…

It’s a fun film fit for all ages and a marvelous theme for a kids birthday party.

The themes base colours are red, orange and yellow reminiscent of the fiery dragons breath and the plates, cups, serviettes, party bags and tablecloths all feature Hiccup and Toothless. Accentuating the party decor with red, yellow, orange with a hint of black will work very well. Add some fun elements into the day with your own version of “sheep tossing” inspired by the film.

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New theme available: Star Wars

With the new Star Wars movie set to show on the big screen shortly, there has been a revival in interest in Star Wars in general. This trend can even be witnessed in the party planning world, where many a young Skywalker fan wants to have a Star Wars birthday party. There are also the older Star Wars fans who want to host a Star Wars release party, both fun ideas. Stop wasting your time and money searching high and low for supplies, buy them online.

My Party Supplies brings you the brand new kids party theme:

Star Wars. This range includes themed plates, cups, party bags, tablecloths, party hats and foil balloons.

Star Wars Party Plate      Star Wars plastic cups     Star Wars Party Serviettes

Do you need some inspiration for your decor and party food, visit our pinterest board


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Take the confusion out of paying for online purchases.

How do you get the items in your cart from the online world to your door?

Watch our easy to follow video guide on checking out and paying for your online shopping order. Paying for your party supplies through www.mypartysupplies.co.za is a safe and simple process, we value your privacy and want to ensure that your payments are safe and secure.

We also touch on delivery options, what is free and what is not, most importantly how do you know what your courier fee will be?

Did you find this video guide useful? Let us know, leave a comment.

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Shopping online, a step by step video guide

Learning a new skill is daunting, but the rewards are great. Online shopping is a learned skill. You already know how to search for and choose the best suppliers out of thousands available online. Now how do you actually buy your party supplies from www.mypartysupplies.co.za ? The process, visually shown to you in this video, is very similar for most online stores.


What is a shopping cart? 

Your shopping trolley is referred to as a “cart” online and instead of physically picking up items and placing them in your trolley (as you would in real life), you instead use your mouse and click to”add items to your cart”.

Follow our simple step by step video guide to show you the process on www.mypartysupplies.co.za .

Did you find this video useful? Let us, leave a comment.

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How to start a party planning business in 3 easy steps?

Our modern lifestyles are busy, hectically busy actually, and as a result parents are no longer always able to plan their children’s birthday parties. This is where party planners step in, these small businesses are often run by entrepreneurial Moms who enjoy event planning and want to monetise that skill by helping others.

Are you a Mompreneur looking to open a party planning business?

Where to start?

  • Join the Party Planners in South Africa facebook group. You will be able to network with over 400 party planners and get their advise and input.
  • Visit www.startmybusiness.co.za – to get some valuable business start up mentoring, the mentorship program will provide you with the nuts and bolts tangible instruction on how to open your business and market it effectively.
  • Once you are up and running, visit My Party Supplies and request your trade account application form to qualify for the event planner discount.

3 easy steps and you will be on your way…

Happy Planning

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Alternatives to traditional party packs

After the recent media attention about party packs, specifically mentioned on 702 radio this week, we thought it best to look further into the whole idea of party packs.

A party pack or lootbag is traditionally a parting gift give to each attending child to thank them for their company at the birthday child’s party. It is now commonplace to fill a party pack with trinkets, treasures and treats(oh the treats). Let’s think about this, a birthday party can and often has some or all of the following edible items: Birthday Cake, cupcakes, cake pops, biscuits, sweets, chips, cooldrinks and ice-cream. That is already ALOT of sweet treats, do the little guests really NEED more treats for the ride home?

Let’s look at party packs differently, we do believe that it is a nice idea to give a parting gift to each attending child to say thank you… but we also know that a pack filled with sweet things is not the only option.

Here are some “party pack” ideas:

– A small toy for each child, dependant on the childrens ages and the theme of the party, a few cost effective options are hand made ribbon wands for a princess party or a bag filled with craft material like crayons and perhaps some stickers. Let your imagination and party theme guide you or get some inspiration from pinterest.

– If there is a craft activity at the party, the finished product will work as a unique parting gift.

– A simple thank you card, hand written by the birthday child – back to traditional values.

Do you think that party packs are a necessity at a child’s party? Would you be upset if your child didn’t get a party pack? Leave a comment

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