Baby Shower party games… fun for all ages.

Baby Showers are a special occasion marking the arrival of a new tiny member into the family, it’s supposed to be a fun and light hearted affair and there is no better way to celebrate it than by organising a few games that include all the guests. Baby Showers generally last 3 – 6 hours dependant on what time of the day they are being held and the theme thereof.

Once you have organised your table settings, and laid out the food, it is time to prepare a few games for the guests. These can be mandatory or optional, if optional just put them aside, away from the main activities.

Fun for everyone:

The gift opening party of the baby shower can take a while and although it is cute to watch the new parents open all their gifts some guest may find their minds wandering to other things. Keep them entertained and engaged with these fun game ideas:

– Baby Bingo: Print out cards with the general gifts (whats on the gift registry) in each block. The guests use candy such as skittles to “mark” a block when the parents receive that gift that is on their card. First one to get a line wins.

– Lullaby Lyrics: Get your guests to complete the lyrics to some age old lullabies, the guest with the most correct completions wins.

– Baby Songs: Your Guests have 1 minute to write down as many songs as they can think of with the word “baby” in.

– Name that Baby: Get your guests to write down a few name suggestions for a boy / girl in 2 jars. The parents may actually like 1 or 2.

– Don’t say “baby”: give your guests 5 pegs each, to be attached to their clothing. Everytime someone hears another guest say “baby” they take away a peg. The one with the most left at the end wins.

– Water breaking: Freeze some tiny plastic baby dolls in water, leave these out for your guests, they need to place 1 in their drink and the one whose baby is released from the melting ice first yells “my water broke” – they win.

– Where’s the baby? Buy lots of small baby dolls. Hand 1 to each guest as they arrive. They can either hold them, put them down or hand them to someone else. Any baby doll not being held by someone else can be picked up by another guest. The guest with the most babies wins.

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Don’t forget the Dad’s / Dudes. 

– Bottle Chugging: Fill baby bottles with your drink of choice, the first to finish his bottle wins.

– Blind nappie changing: Inflate some balloons, blindfold the guys, and get 2 at a time to change the baby diaper (material) with a safety pin without bursting the balloon.

– Tie your shoes: Give the guys a balloon, which they are to inflate to capacity. Once inflated they need to place the balloon under their shirts and tie their shoes. The first one to get that right wins.


Any way you look at it, a baby shower or sprinkle is an opportunity for friends and family to come together and have a bit of fun.

Do you know of a baby shower party game that we haven’t mentioned but really enjoyed? Please leave a comment.

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